About Tim


Tim Hodson © 2011 Tim Hodson

Tim Hodson is morphing. He started out life as a bespectacled child with a keen interest in taking things apart. He then progressed to doing creative things with paper, wires, light bulbs and model train speed controllers.

He subsequently developed an interest in puppetry; thanks to his sister’s reactions to a small fluffy squirrel called Squidge. He graduated to small scale invention of towers and devices suitable for an Edwardian gentleman. He then mastered the art of caring for information in all its guises.

He embarked on a voyage full of problem-solving and trouble-shooting in 2007, and has learnt lots and fast.  He has now moved up the food chain and is working hard at making Talis customers successful, as a Technical Consultant.

While doing all this, he has also written and performed a few sketches, played the drums in the occasional cathedral and dabbled in the dark arts of sound engineering.