Thomas Inglebrook Morgan

The candle powered cable car at Bournmouth

Before you let loose with mouse clicks, let me explain a little about Thomas Inglebrook Morgan.

Thomas Inglebook Morgan is an acrostic for T.I.M which in turn you may recognise… Thomas Inglebrook Morgan is purely a construct; a symbol, if you like, of all that my work as an artist, hopes to achieve.

Thomas is about ideas. He is about making ideas into a reality. He is about logic, thought, philanthropy, leisure, happiness. He is your quintessential inventor. He lives and works in England, following the successes and ideals set by the pioneers at the 1851 exhibition at Crystal Palace. He is a dreamer, who’s greatest desire is to make something that the world will find useful.

However, Thomas’ dreams are somewhat hard to attain, and while his thoughts are logical and concise, leaving no detail to chance, his outcomes – the things that he invents – never seem to end up practical. This gives us things like the candle powered cable car, and the sweat meat pie pricker.

Logic and thought…

All of Thomas’ ideas are bound to work… if only… By this I mean that his thinking is often logical, but stretched to extremes, soon becomes impractical, humorous or sometimes downright ludicrous. And yet, you can always see what he was trying to achieve. You can always get a sense of the purpose which drove his ideas.


What more can one man do than help another? See how Thomas helps those less fortunate than himself. Nobody else has ever helped the Lilliputians when they go to the races, or thought that schoolrooms could be made safer.

…and so to leisure and happiness

What more could man want than to apply himself in meaningful work for two or three hours, and then have time to take a drive in the country, to hover on the wings of helium, to discover grand vistas, and lean on the railings of viewpoints, with the wind in your face and the smell of tea cakes on the air. Ahh… I see it now.

The National Trust has nothing on Thomas.