The Lilliputian Incorporator

The Liliputian Incorporator

The Lilliputian Incorporator is of such manufacture as to allow diminutive race goers and event watchers alike, the advantage of enjoying the spectacle in a manner that is in no way degrading.

If your stature is not above 4″ and you wish to view the races, or other sporting activity for which great clarity of view is required, then why not insist they use Thomas Inglebrook Morgan’s Lilliputian Incorporator.

The superior optics, combined with fully controllable 360° Panoramic Vistas, provide the comfort and clarity that sets the Thomas Inglebrook Morgan Lilliputian Incorporator apart from other inferior copies.

This piece has a large lens at the top housed in the periscope. Behind the lens is an eye.

Below the platform at which the stairs begin, there are a lever and a push rod which are operated by hand.

The lever rotates the periscope 360°, while the push rod causes the eye to blink.