I drop it

My direction gone,
I stumble.
Eyes dim.
Ears closed.
I stoop into murky shadows,

Brilliant crisp colour, I used to see.
Songs of joy, I used to sing.
All… tarnished.
Colours peel in the damp,
Stripped to grey.

Mist muffles every step.
No longer sure where I stand,
I reach out and grab what comes to hand…
No warm touch on finger tip,
No warming heat,
Only cold,
Jarring my arm,
Sending sparks of ice,
Deep into my heart.

Heart feels nothing.
Just aches.

Knees are hurting.
Gravel stings.
Ears strain.
Hearing nothing,
Seeing nothing,
I shout.

A touch on my shoulder.
I turn,
You smile,
You reach out,
And give me again,
A shining light.
Mists recede,
colours return,
I run, shout, sing, heart light, eyes bright…

In the corner of my eye…
Distracted I turn…

I drop it.

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