Running Jena Eyeball on Mac OSX

A HowTo for running Jena Eyeball on Mac OSX.

  1. Download the eyeball package somewhere convenient.
  2. Create the following script somewhere convenient, then add it to your PATH.
    # script to run eyeball on a file or files
    for file in $FILES
    echo "======================================="
    echo "    Checking $file"
    echo "======================================="
    java -classpath "$CLASSPATH" jena.eyeball -check $file
  3. You may want to tell Jena what schemas you are using. I did this by downloading all the schema rdf or n3 files I could find to the {eyeball_install_dir}/mirror direectory, then adding the following to the end of the java command line:
    -assume owl dc-all `ls $FILEBASE/mirror/*`

    This means that we don’t get so many ‘predicate not declared’ messages when we will only ignore them.

Don’t you just love Java and its classpath loveliness… NOT.

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