Kasabi.com’s Developer Advocate

Since the beginning of this week, I am officially now working for Kasabi.com.  My role here is to find ways to make the adoption of Kasabi.com’s suite of datasets and easy to consume APIs even easier for developers who need a quick way to get at the data that powers their apps.

You probably already know that the core data hosting and ready-provisioned APIs of Kasabi datasets allow you to get a data backed application out of the door much more quickly than you would if you had to incorporate data hosting and access infrastructure within your project.

We want to concentrate on helping you build something fantastic that is compelling for your user groups.  We’re going to be doing this in several ways; by improving our documentation; by holding webinars to demonstrate key features; by running hack days to give you space to play and learn how to effectively work with the Kasabi APIs in order to get the data you want.

This is an exciting time.  We are building something that feels like its moment has come.

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