I am at my most creative when I have a deadline (blind panic is a wonderful enabler).

Sometimes I can feel overwhelmed by all the possible things I could spend my time investigating. I need focus as an impetus to my creativity.

My new role at Talis is giving me the impetus I need, and giving me the opportunity to invent madly. Who new that after graduating with an art college degree I would end up working with computers and writing code in various computer languages to manipulate data? I am intrigued by the way that we can become something entirely different through only a few small changes – like one of those puzzles where you change one letter at a time to come up with several new words with entirely different meanings.

Consulting in the field of Linked Data is exciting. It is so new that there are new ways of doing things to be discovered. Each project we take on is likely to throw up some stuff we haven’t had to solve before, some new challenges or ways to approach a solution.

Roll on twenty eleven.

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